Wills and Estates

It is axiomatic and a subject of almost universal agreement that any individual of legal age should have a Last Will and Testament to control the distribution of all assets after death. Without such document, any such person has really no involvement in what happens to his property after death, as all such estate property will go to the persons covered by the applicable estate and testamentary laws. Many times such persons are not even known to the deceased. In a nutshell, any person wanting to have control of his life and property after death, must have a Last Will and Testament.

All that said, this firm has fifty years experience representing individuals in drafting wills and estate proceedings. Whenever a person is named as Personal Representative in a Last Will and Testament, or desires to be so named for a deceased relative or friend, this firm offers legal assistance to make sure that everything required is done to ensure that the wishes of the deceased individual are fully met.

Such will and estate services include:

  • obtaining the necessary legal documentation to open the estate, including death certificates, copies of the Last Will and Testament
  • legal bonds through a licensed bonding agency
  • publications notices
  • etc.

We also prepare and file all required forms, including petition for probate, list of interested persons, bond, notice of publication, bond waiver (if needed), PR consents etc.

After the filing of the Petition for Probate, the Register of Wills for the jurisdiction in which the estate of located issues Letters of Administration, appointing the Personal Representative.

After such appointment, we assist in locating and liquidating all property and assets of the deceased in proper form. We also file an inventory of estate assets and final administration account, which details all aspects and processing of the estate property and assets to the appropriate heirs and assigns. This firm follows through with all aspects of the estate administration to the time the Orphan’s Court approves the Final Administration Account.

Considering the rather complex and involved legal requirements covering estate administration, I would strongly recommend that any individual involved with such estate administration have an attorney helping with the process, which assistance involves a rather inexpensive cost considering the value of the services received.