Whenever a person finds that they are in serious financial distress, most times, due to problems not of their making, the law provides a legal redress by means of a chapter seven bankruptcy filing. Such filing results in a full discharge and dismissal of all debt with the exception of:

  1. alimony and child support
  2. taxes
  3. government fines
  4. education loans.

Technically, the bankruptcy trustee is allowed to sell the property the debtor to pay the debtor’s creditors. The debtor is allowed to exempt from this process a certain amount of property, which the trustee is not allowed to use or sell to pay creditors. Such exemptions are in the area of $12,000.00 for personal property and cash, and an additional sum to cover equity in any real estate owned by the debtor. The important services provided by this firm involve making sure each debtor’s property valuation fits in with the available exemptions to make sure that the trustee is not able to take such property to pay creditors. We have an unmatched success rate in such area.


For purpose of qualifications, the essential issues are those involving ownership of real estate (as discussed above) and terms of employment; namely, the wages or other income received by the debtor.

The debtor is allowed to receive a certain maximum in yearly income in order to qualify for such bankruptcy filing. One of the important jobs of this firm is to present information concerning such income in line with the current and existing income maximums in effect when any bankruptcy is filed.

For purpose of timing, after the bankruptcy is filed, there is a hearing scheduled with a trustee to review the case and ask any questions covering the debtor’s personal financial situation, which hearing is attended by the debtor with a representative of this firm. We make sure that all essential issues are fully covered before the hearing with the trustee, so that such hearings are conducted with minimal problems and almost always result in an approval of the case issued by the trustee.