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As a full-service firm in the “family lawyer” tradition, we strive to be the first call when legal issues arise. Attorney John “Jack” Costello and Scott Baron each have decades of experience spanning many areas of the law. We are confident we can address most legal matters. If not, we will guide you to someone who can.

Were You Chosen To Settle A Loved One’s Estate?

Estate administration and probate proceedings can be an onerous task. We assist the personal representative (“executor”) to make sure everything required is done properly and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Our services include assistance with opening the estate, gathering legal documents, inventory of assets, publishing notices, paying debts of the estate, liquidating property, distributing the remainder to the designated heirs, and accounting and reporting to the Orphan’s Court and the state. We can also help you obtain Letters of Administration to act as the personal representative.

We provide close support to execute your duties as efficiently as possible and in compliance with the complicated procedures.

Arrested For DUI? Need To Fight A Traffic Violation?

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs carries harsh consequences, including license suspension, fines and court fees, and possible jail time, plus higher insurance rate and the black mark of a misdemeanor record. Our lawyers know how to challenge the circumstances of your DUI arrest and breathalyzer evidence to cast doubt on the charges. We can also explore alternative dispositions to retain your driving privileges or keep a DUI off your record.

We also have had success challenging speeding tickets and other traffic offenses in the Baltimore area. Paying the fine will result in points against your license, and too many points can trigger suspension. Our lawyers can often get traffic tickets dismissed outright or reduced to a nonpoint offense.

Need Advice For A Legal Contract?

Businesses in the Baltimore area turn to us with confidence for result-oriented advice regarding contracts. From contract drafting, reviewing, rendering opinions and negotiating agreements to the final stage of signing the contract, Hochberg, Costello & Baron offers veteran counsel and attention to detail. We have experience with the sale or purchase of a business, commercial leases and real estate transactions, contracts with customers and suppliers, and other transactions and agreements. Our experienced trial lawyers can also offer guidance and representation for a breach of contract dispute.

Bring Us Your Legal Issues

We have many longstanding clients who know they can call our attorneys with any legal matter. We understand that a DUI arrest must be taken seriously. We understand that the duties of a personal representative can be overwhelming. We know how to protect your interests in contracts and transactions.

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