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The basics about parenting plans in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2024 | FAMILY LAW - Family Law

Anyone who is facing a family law dispute in Maryland is looking for solutions. But, when it comes to child custody and parenting plans, solutions can be hard to find. Co-parenting can be difficult, particularly at first. Knowing the basics about parenting plans in Maryland can help you be prepared for what to expect.

Parenting plan basics

In essence, a parenting plan is a written agreement detailing how the parents will take care of the children. The goal of parenting plans is to ensure the child has the care they need, to help reduce conflict between the parents and, hopefully, to find a beneficial path forward for all parties.

At the heart of every parenting plan is one key phrase: “the best interests of the child.” When courts make decisions about child custody, they base those decisions on what they believe is the best interest of the child. Parents should do the same when creating a parenting plan.

Some factors to consider when you have this crucial concept in mind with a parenting plan are: maintaining relationships; protecting the child from conflict; the health of the child; the child’s cognitive and intellectual growth; and even the child’s preferences, if the child is old enough to express those preferences. Many other factors may be considered as well but, in short, stability is crucial for the child when it comes to parenting plans.

Family law issues can be difficult to navigate, especially when children are involved. If you are facing an issue with child custody, support or a parenting plan, be sure to get the right information about your unique situation, the applicable laws and your legal options.