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What will workers’ compensation pay in 2024?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Firm News

Maryland workers’ compensation benefits serve two major purposes: They pay for a workers’ health care costs after they have been injured on the job, and they provide income for injured workers who are unable to return to work.

Maryland refers to these workers as permanently, temporarily, partially or seriously disabled. Each type of disability has its own maximum benefit rate. These rates are updated annually to keep up with the cost of living. Maryland recently released its rates for 2024.

Permanent disability

The state lists the disability categories and includes maximum weekly compensation benefits per category. For both temporary and permanent total disability, the state’s payout should be 2/3 of the employee’s average weekly rate, up to a maximum of $1,456, which is up from $1,402 in 2023.

Partial disability

For permanent partial disability benefits, in 2024, the pay rate is also 2/3 of average weekly pay, but has a lower maximum of $486. For temporary partial disability, the maximum payout is defined as half of the difference between average weekly pay and average pay capacity, up to a maximum of $728.

Serious disability

Serious disability has a maximum payout of 2/3 of average employee weekly pay. This benefit has a maximum wage of $1,092.

Final thoughts

Just remember that arriving to a payment is one of the final stages of a Workers’ Compensation Commission claim. You must first begin the claims process and can even file your workers’ comp claim online.

In addition, if your claim is not accepted, you can appeal the decision. No one wants to be seriously or permanently injured at work, and workers’ compensation is a tool that can help you bridge gaps until recovery.