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Alimony comes in different categories

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | FAMILY LAW - Family Law

Finances are a common concern in a Maryland divorce. People will need to think about how they are going to make ends meet in their new circumstances to make a comprehensive plan. Understanding how alimony is calculated is important for both the paying and receiving party.

While many couples are dual income with both contributing, others are based on one spouse being the primary earner while the other earns less or is a homemaker. This can mean that one spouse is at a stark disadvantage after a divorce.

Understand the types of alimony that can be ordered

Under Maryland law, there are three types of alimony. They are:

  1. Alimony pendente lite
  2. Rehabilitative alimony
  3. Indefinite alimony

Pendente lite is for the time between filing for divorce and when the divorce is complete. It is based on need and lasts only while the case is in progress.

Rehabilitative alimony is the most common type of alimony. For the person receiving the payments, it is meant to give them time to gain education or training so they can find suitable employment and will no longer need alimony. The amount of time for which it will be paid is contingent on myriad factors. For example, if the person has some college education and needs two years to complete their degree, the court could order alimony until the person obtains their degree and finds work.

Indefinite alimony will be paid with no definitive end in sight. This is not awarded that frequently, but if the person receiving the payments is disabled, is of a certain age where finding suitable employment is not feasible or they are ill, there can be an order of indefinite alimony. In cases where there is a substantial difference in income and potential income, this too can warrant indefinite alimony so the receiving party can maintain their standard of living from the mar

Be prepared for every eventuality in a divorce

Divorce is a dramatic change and many people are already in an emotional state because of the breakdown of the marriage. Wondering about finances can make the situation worse. Alimony is designed to provide for the person who needs it, but it is also crucial that the person who is expected to pay is prepared.