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Report shows which workers face highest risk for work injuries

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | WORKERS' COMPENSATION - Workers' Compensation

In Maryland, workers can be injured in any type of job. However, there are some jobs that have a higher chance of injury than others. A recent report analyzed work accidents, the jobs they do, who is most vulnerable and more. These factors are important when workers are trying to stay safe. It is also critical when there is an accident and the injured party is seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

Travelers Companies’ report says which workers are prone to on the job injuries

The report breaks down work accidents based on age, time on the job and the type of work people do. It was found that of those who were injured on the job, more than one in three occurred when they were in their first year.

When injuries were categorized based on age at the time, it was found that younger workers age 18 to 34 only comprised 8% of work injuries; those 17 or younger made up 1%. The highest percentage were those 35 to 49 at 31%.

Regarding the work people did, first-year injuries happened most often in restaurants at more than 50%; construction work at 47%; and transportation jobs at 40%. Construction workers lost the most days because of injury with an average of 99.

The injuries people suffer and how they happen vary. Twenty-nine percent were because people overexerted themselves; 23% were hurt when they slipped, tripped or fell; 13% were hit by an object; 5% were in motor vehicle collisions; and 5% were caught in between or caught in something.

Workers lost the most days because of dislocations with 137 total days lost. Three months of work was lost due to fractures. Less serious injuries like inflammation, sprains or strains and contusions still forced workers off the job for varying time-periods.

Workers who are hurt should know the workers’ compensation process and benefits

As this information shows, there are a litany of factors that are relevant when workers are at risk or injured on the job. This is imperative when trying to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, many on the job accidents and the injuries that accompany them cannot be avoided.

Workers who are hurt will face medical costs, lost time on the job, may need to receive payment for out of pocket costs and will eventually need rehabilitation and retraining. Some cannot get back to work at all. In these cases, it is vital to understand the workers’ compensation process. This can help with covering all that was lost. Since cases can be complicated and there is frequent dispute, having experienced and efficient help can be crucial with a successful claim.